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Divorce Attorneys in Northwest Indiana

Not all marriages last. But if the time has come to consider divorce, ask a local divorce attorney for help. In Indiana, most divorces are “no fault” based on an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Few people fully know what to expect from the divorce process. Once you have some facts and answers, you'll also have the knowledge to find your way out of a failed or unhealthy relationship.

Your first step should be to contact a local divorce attorney. Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP are located in Merrillville, Indiana and serve people primarily in Northwest Indiana including Crown Point, Hobart, Merrillville, Valparaiso, Winfield, Hebron, DeMotte, Lowell, Schererville, St. John, Munster, Hammond, Dyer and more.

A capable divorce attorney can explain to you such topics as:

If you reside in Northwest Indiana, Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP (APWLaw) is ready to speak with you today.

A legal separation may give your marriage a second chance

Indiana law allows a married person who does not wish to file for divorce the option to file a Petition for Legal Separation. The purpose of a Legal Separation is to give a couple the time to live apart from their spouse in hopes that they work on the marriage with the goal of reconciliation. This separation can be in effect for a period of one year. During this period, either of you may ask that the separation be changed into a Dissolution of Marriage action.

Helpful links
Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines (2013)
Child Support Rules and Guidelines
Judge’s Notice to Parents Going through Divorce (need link—requested from client 7/10)

Divorce can be very difficult, but it does not have to tear your life apart.

A divorce affects your financial future, children, living arrangements, and family life.The choices you and your spouse make during this process will impact the lives of you and your family for many years to come. As experienced Indiana divorce attorneys, we can help guide you  through your decisions and disputes using a "collaborative divorce"  process.

In a collaborative divorce, you, your spouse, and your divorce lawyers sign a Collaborative Commitment Agreement—sometimes called a Participation Agreement—to start the process. This agreement outlines the principles of the process—everyone agrees to work on resolutions of their disputes peaceably and amicably.

Unfortunately, not every divorce can be handled collaboratively. If your divorce
goes to trial, you need the services of an experienced divorce and trial attorney who understands the ins and outs of trial work. When such steps are necessary to resolve your case, Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP can still help.

They possess years of practical trial experience handling divorce cases in Northwest Indiana that have become contentious. They understand local divorce law, family court protocol, and may even have argued cases before the same judges who will decide your case.

Contact Arshad, Pangere & Warring, LLP today for a free consultation

For an aggressive and effective legal team to advocate on your behalf, call the firm at 219-736-6500 or use the convenient online contact form on this site.


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Legal Forms Download

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